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40 Something, front cover

40 Something, a novel by Pasquale M Palmieri, published by Eloquent Books, an imprint of Strategic Book Group, New York, NY, AEG Publishing Group, USA…

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ISBN: 978-1-60911-781-8
40 Something, a window of a few weeks in the life of twelve friends, their relationships, their fears, their idiosyncrasies and their dreams.
They come from varied paths and cultural backgrounds, reflecting the reality, and the miracle, of today’s cosmopolitan Australia.
Most of them in their forties, they share their day-to-day experiences, hopes, emotions, frustrations and life’s gifts around a big dining table.

The fiction is set in contemporary Melbourne’s Port Phillip Bay, following the twelve main characters and their friendship in what has become a rather peculiar, close family.


Starring around the big table


Luca (48), the devoted photographer, veteran of two divorces, often suspended between wisdom and confusion.

Patricia (42), the idealistic, inspired actress mostly out of work, but passionately free from compromises.

Manuel (65) and Allison (62), the odd couple run out of breath preparing for the last leg of their journey and retirement, stuck in a battle of coercion and control.

Michael (40) and Josie (35), the two survivors in search of new possibilities, lost in an ocean of boredom and disillusion.

Jonas (60) and Silvie (40), the couple close to be stepping into the zone of no return in their relationship, protagonists of a story built on thin poles and just about to crumble.

Ross (51) and Kathy (51), the successful couple structured and carefully assembled piece-by-piece, who had planned their life together, at each step, with no room for the “unexpected”.

Liam (45), the happy gigolo by birth and single by definition, cruising through life, like a speeding luxury yacht.

Pamela (40), the attractive blond, once female essence lost in drug addiction; a living miracle, suddenly propelled to stardom.

A collection of married couples, divorced couples, imaginary couples, illicit couples, and dedicated single. All facing one major human idiosyncrasy: the impossibility of fully owning anything in the process of approaching ends and new beginnings; physical beauty, youth, health, success, happiness or life itself.

A blend of love and sense of loss, mixed with the desire of silently fixing personal wounds without pain, while listening to the insanity of the looping soundtrack offered by the ever-present “chatterbox” playing in the mind.

A disparate group of individuals experiencing what is one of the more crucial decades, if not the most, in the journey called life.


Pasquale was born in Rome, Italy, where he lived until he was 21. He then moved to Canada and the United States, where he finished his studies in architecture. He has lived in Melbourne, Australia, for the past 30 years.
Pasquale, an idealistic gypsy and a seeker by devotion, takes interest in decoding the “human animal” genome and is the author of several novels, a non-fiction book about marriage, divorce and the children left behind as casualties, and an award winning theatre play.

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